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Born 2 b free

Clairvoyant Tarot Reading’s 


Frequently asked questions 

I Love Questions 

Questions are great because they help us grow, feed our desire for knowledge and some times ignite our passions.

There really is in my book no wrong or silly questions I welcome all questions and will always do my best to answer them, if i cant answer them then we will have fun learning together.

if you are reading through this page and you have a question please send me a message and i will pop it on here.

                 Many thanks x 

Why can’t i do what you do ?

The reality is you absolutely can, there’s nothing stopping you. Like a doctor, pianist or footballer you practice and learn and practice some more until you hone in your skill set. 

It’s not one size fits all so you have to practice and try different things and that’s sometimes where people lose interest. Learning should be fun and never a heavy stressful experience, so when i teach we laugh a lot and i make it as fun as i can. Laughter raises our vibration and keeps the energy light.

How long have you been doing this ?

I was a small child when i first had my awakening dream ( this is something that runs in the family ), so i was playing and communicating from a young age. So i have been “ doing this “ for about 38 years.

What is grounding ?

When we talk about grounding it simply means connecting to the earths energy. It can help with physical pain, clearing out our chakra system & tethering us so that when we open our crown chakra we are able to reach further & there are different ways of doing this.

What are chakras ?

In short they are energy points that run through out our bodies yes bodies not body, its plural because we have our physical body, our subtle body and our auric field.

Generally most people concentrate on the first 7 as they are the most recognised and talked about but you have a lot more than just 7.

Base = located at the base of the spine ( coxic )

            Colour = red/ black/ brown

Sacral = located just above the pelvic bone but below the belly button

            Colour = dark/ burnt orange/ golden

Solar plexus = located from the top of the stomach to the belly button

             Colour = yellows 

Heart = located over the chest

             Colour = green/ pink

Throat = located over the Adam’s apple     

             Colour = varying blues

Third eye = located on the fore head between the eye brows

              Colour = a beautiful indigo/ purple

Crown = located over the top of the head

               Colour = white/ violet

Can anyone have a reading ?

Yes as long as they are 18 and as long as you want a reading. Readings should be about healing as well as gaining insight and a different perspective so if you aren’t open to a reading it would be more difficult to do. 

What is meditation ?

Meditation is a relaxed state, there are many forms of meditation and you can use it for a variety of purposes.

It can be used to just simply relax or to train yourself to be present in the moment. You can also practice meditation for journeying & visions. Some people use it to help with pain and lowering blood pressure. The world is your oyster when it comes to meditation as very little is out of reach but it does take practice. Some may find they get it very easily and for others it may take a little longer.

What will you tell me during my reading ?

Firstly there’s no need to worry, I’m not digging round for your skeletons and no one ever should. What comes up in your reading will depend on whats needed. I will Not tell you when you are going to die 1) because no one is meant to no that and 2) because as an empathic clairvoyant i have to feel everything that I’m reading. I have had people ask me to and its a definite no go and isn’t ethical or responsible. 

What else’s  do you do ?

Other than readings i also provide healing and occasionally clearance work. I am also qualified in Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy, Sound therapy & Colour therapy. I also teach both groups and one to one.

Empathic clairvoyant reader

A little about me 

Ive been communicating with spirit & universal energy since i was a toddler & i have loved every minute. Over the years i have developed my gifts & love what they have bought into my life. I now share these gifts with others by way of Healing, Teaching & Empowering & Readings. 

Spirit have been there through every trouble & tribulation and have aloud me to heal and move forward. Now i get to share this with so many people and watch them blossom and grow into their full potential.

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